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Pope John Paul II was born May 18,1920 in Wadowice, Poland. His real name was Karol Jozef Wojtyla but when he was elected Pope in October 1978 he was known has Pope John Paul II. In 1942, aware of his call to priesthood, he began courses in the clandestine seminary of Krakow. At the time he was living during the Nazi occupation, so he had to study religion in secret. After World War 2 he was ordained into the priesthood by Archbishop Sapieha in Krakow on November 1, 1946. In July 4, 1958 he was appionted bishop of Ombi. Soon on January 13, 1964 he appionted to be the archbishop of Krakow by Pope Paul VI. Soon after being the archbishop for awhile the Cardinals elected him Pope at the Conclave on October 16, 1978. To me Pope John Paul II was a great inspiration to everyone all over the world. If everyone on earth would be like him there would be world peace.